Friday, December 4, 2009

Mandatory Summary Post

1.) Because I plan to always be an EDM 310 student, or at least a Technologically Literate Life Long Learner, the list of things I have I learned seems endless. Some things I learned, or payed closer attention to this semester versus last semester include, HTML codes, Wikis, Screencasts, Voicethread, more expansive Comment Techniques (adding links or pictures), Flicker, Delicious, Evernote, Comments4Kids,.. I want to learn more about HTML codes which I hope will lead me to understanding how to build a website of my own (if I ever find a worthy purpose). Delicious has helped me more than ever when it comes to remembering where I got different sources no matter what class I am researching for-- as my life expectations and requirements change I will appreciate this organizational tool as a diary of my interests simply because I will have a record of the websites that stuck out for me with personalized notes and tags.

2.) Despite the limitations of Smartboards, I think we should be more familiarized with their operation processes and potential since we will definitely encounter them in our teaching career.

3.) A lesson learned is never wasted.

4.) This class has been the most exciting class I have ever taken. Never before have I felt so connected and empowered. Likewise, I have never been so pushed for creativity and originality. I am still awaiting that idea that finally satisfies my craving for me to create something useful and un-heard-of.

5.) A very insightful classmate helped me overcome my writer's/ thinker's block which was caused by a fear of not really knowing who I was as a professional in terms of my Professional Blog assignment. She emailed me this note which may help you in your future additions to your Professional Blog: "It seems like the main purpose driving this assignment is reflection. So, while who we want to be and the values we want to represent in our professional life is tough to write down, is it because it's not far removed from the same elements in our life life. Or maybe that would be an easier approach for you; just cover up the word professional, it carries baggage like having to answer what we want to be when we grow up. As long as you exercise themes pertaining to Anthony's goals, beliefs, what you want to do, how your nature or experiences suit you to do it... he'd have to give you credit for all that soul searching right? Surely, he wouldn't want us to manufacture stuff just to sound like we have it all figured out. Just start writing, you might be surprised with what comes out. I'm talking to myself here, as well, I realize."

6.) No.

7.) I really liked the results of the group projects. Maybe you could have your students brainstorm the social implications of communication technology beyond the classroom. That's kind of a reach, I know-- but it's all I have.

8.) Yes, some, but still a work in progress.

9.) I want to use the tools I have learned of to become a more investigative student. I want to know the ins and outs of why things are the way they are-- inside and outside of the classroom. Blogs, production tools, and google make that job a whole lot easier.