Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mini Reflection

This is a result for a reflective rant drawing from my experiences with EDM310 during the summer course and the last couple weeks of Fall.

From working for Dr. Strange with EDM 310 students, I have learned couple valuable lessons about myself which relate to your comment. The first is this-- I enjoy the struggle to find new information most days. I have not always been that way, but I am now. Many students do not know what it means to be confident in their struggle. It is important to let them DISCOVER the value in the battle to find an answer/solution/reason to their problem. You said that you to appreciate learning things by "doing research for yourself"-- I wonder how many people in EDM would honestly agree.

The second thing I have learned, is that it IS A CHALLENGE, not to just do something for a student in need. After you have explained something five times-- its easy to kneel down, go through the motions in 2.5 minutes and say, "okay, now you try." Instead, I should begin by asking, "what have you tried so far? Why hasn't it worked? What are you going to try next?"

This little reflection has set me on a mission to evolve, I hope you're ready for the change!


  1. I agree, it is much easier to "do for" than to wait patiently for them to catch on. Fortunately, we know that we should not encourage learned helplessness.

    Are you going to keep reflecting occasionally?

  2. Yes sir! Right now, I feel like reflecting on the fact that apple has had me on hold FOREVER, and my track pad is broken :-( FOR NO THINKABLE REASON!

  3. A message I should hear and follow. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for commenting-- it's a message I needed to rehear! Two steps forward, one step back... two steps forward, one step back...