Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How to: Make Your Own Podcast

I viewed four websites that were assigned to help me prepare for the creation of my own podcasts. Of the four, I wrote a description of the one I explored in depth, Langwitches Blog, and I wrote my quick notes and reactions for the other three The Educational Podcast Network, Practical Principals, and Eagle's Nest Radio and Class Blog.

As I browsed Practical Principals I remembered my intention to look into Evernote. While briefly exploring the site, I listened to Scott and Melinda talk about their short summers as principals and their cyber friendship. It was entertaining so I decided to follow them on Twitter after discovering their Twitter name under their Twitter blog post and audio blog. Their blog has great links that are organized according to the topics that they discuss in their podcasts. The podcasts are irregularly posted, but still created often enough to keep tabs on.

My favorite part of this week's assignment was listening to the Eagle's Nest podcast on Rome. It was GREAT! The kids are always so inspiring. I commented the post and I asked a question about who actually created the script, how the narrator's were chosen, and how much time it actually took to produce. I hope to hear back from them soon. Also, I hope to include this as a part of my Project 6 Comments4Kids.

the 3rd grade podcasters dressed as romans
I didn't invest too much time looking around The Education Podcast Network because the website looked so starch. Likely, I will not remember to go back and look into it further because there were no pictures, only two font colors, and the structure was, well.... too structured. Seeing this has helped me hold a mirror up to my own blog (which has no pictures and no color as of now). As soon as possible I hope to jazz up my website, and I also plan to give EPN another chance.

Last but certainly not least, I want to highlight Langwitches! This is a website with a teacher target audience. It was so comprehensive in terms of its organization, information, and examples. I have not even thought about copyright issues until reading the post, Podcasting with 3rd Grade. This post uses the topic Florida endangered species as an example of great elementary podcasting. Not only did the post include examples of podcasts created by the students, but it also included the freeware that the students used to build their audio posts like: Kidpix and Audacity. Once again, the blog had a Twitter link that I used to help build my personal learning network for teaching techniques. Glancing to the left of this particular post, I saw another post related to "digital footprinting" which I learned is the result of someone googling your name and what matches are found. I never really thought about this as a potential resume type flag. But now that I am aware, I realize how important it is for me to be actively producing a trail that I can be proud of-- I want to be googled well. This is even more motivation for me to be active in my networks whether they are my residential community, school, work, or online affiliations (which can be any or all of the formentioned)!

To see an example of EDM 310 class podcasts visit It's Time for Technology Talk. I had the opportunity to interview Ms. Angela Rand and separately discuss Teacher Tube, TED, Smartboards and Edutopia with my classmates.

***Notes and questions
1.)The Kidpix link did not work, does anyone know a good link that will connect me to the right website?


  1. YES! "I realize how important it is for me to be actively producing a trail that I can be proud of-- I want to be googled well"

  2. Interesting post. I hope you are successful with your podcast!!!