Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Class notes/ thoughts

to me: I can find out what other people are bookmarking in Delicious: public figures, friends, other book-markers with same interests...

to Dr. Strange: How does a blackberry compare to an iphone?

to Dr. Strange: What is your Delicious username? How do you find a user easily? How do you change your username?

to Dr. Strange and the Lady in Pink that sits in the aisle seat in the row in front of me: What is Kendall/ Tendall/ or whatever?

to me: (in response to the Needlemen conference) Blogging empowers and motivates students by giving them a real audience outside of the class setting. Using skype allows students to be taught by people who are actually in the field; his examples included a bird scientist in Boston. Integrate a few things at a time when I first start teaching, he says, because it will help me keep afloat.

to me: (about Karl, inspired by Special Needs comment in Needlemen Skype) How can I get Karl to be more engaged in peer to peer work? How can I inspire him to say "yes", instead of my now least favorite word, "no". Maybe the website would be more appropriate for Simeon because Karl isn't not struggling to keep up academically, just socially.

to me: Look up the "Mobile Schools Now Equipped for the 21 Century" from the Mobile Register.

to Dr. Strange: How can I take a screen shot (like in Mr. C's Why Do I Blog post)?


  1. With a Mac (what Mr. C uses) command-3 takes a picture of entire screen, command-4 lets you select portion. On the latest version of Leopard (Snow Leopard which I have not installed yet, you can also record the screen and maybe audio as well. On a PC you buy a program (Camedia) for that. On a PC you need a stand alone program (usually for a fee).

    Delicious: winetimejs

    Blackberry: oriented to email use and business use.
    iPhone: oriented to Apps, video, internet access, podcasts, music. Email now much improved but very large businesses are more likely to support (and want Blackberry). iPhone has much better screen, touch technology, and thousands of apps.

  2. Thanks for your thoughtful comment on my student's blog. He shared it with the class. Their reflections are so much more meaningful with a true audience.