Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Instructions for Purchasing Foliotek

This video will be available for a limited time, but if you forget how to purchase, just go to USA Online and select Foliotek Help in the left column, or follow these written instructions.

Purchasing Foliotek:

1.) Go to
2.) Select USA Online, located in the bottom right corner of the window.
3.) Select ePortfolio, located in the center of the top of the window.
4.) After clicking ePortfolio, a new page will appear the allows you to purchase or extend your license. Select okay.
5.) Fill out your billing information and PRESTO! You're done.


  1. Hey Anthony 2 things.
    #1 Is the Foliotek necessary for the class? I am not familiar with this particular thing but just don't want to pay for anything that I don't have to.

    #2 Please remove the S from TEDS. It is killing me. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. NO S

  2. I am glad the Doc could answer your foliotek question... and the S is no longer on TED. Thanks for keeping me sharp. You might consider adding the Recent Comments gadget to your blog so you can keep up easier with what everyone has to say about your work.

  3. Anthony,
    What was the answer to the Foliotek Question? I am also recertifying and was told I do not need to participate in that portion of the EEC class I am taking.

  4. You are correct Kimberly. According to Dr. Strange, it is not necessary for you to participate in the Foliotek requirements of this class.