Monday, June 7, 2010

Presentation, C4C, C4T, and Questionnaire

For an example of a presentation you can look at my presentation which is far from flawless, but might help give you an idea of what is expected. Dr. Strange outlines what he expects from y'all in your instruction manual at the top of page six. The video link is HERE as well.

Just as stated in your instruction manual on page 8, you are expected to, "3. Comments4Classmates starts. You will find in your Google Docs your first C4C assignment. These will continue through the end of the term. You will be assigned two classmates. Comment on their post due on the PREVIOUS assignment date. In other words, this assignment will cover the Blog Post on Did You Know?, Mr. Needleman, Vicki Davis and Sir Ken Robinson. In the unfortunate event that the person to whom you are assigned has not done their post on time, just email and include the name of your fellow student and No Post for ..." This is due every Wednesday and Sunday, just as the new assignments are started.

Your C4T is due each Wednesday. To find out which classmate/ teacher you are assigned, check your google docs. Dr. Strange has shared your assignment with you to view as a spreadsheet.

Instructional videos about your questionnaire are located on page 8 as well. For help on your questionnaire, I found this LINK most helpful.


  1. Practice for class. If y'all have any more questions feel free to leave them as a comment here!

  2. Anthony, the way that you have this worded makes it sound like our first c4t is not due until Sunday but in the instructions it is listed under assignment 3 that is due Wednesday night. Please clarfy. Thanks.

  3. On C4C I only see one assigned person on the Google doc. Will the second person be assigned on the next Google doc?

  4. Yes ma'am, C4T comments are indeed due on Wednesday-- and yes, you will be assigned one classmate for each blog post, twice/ week. So you can expect to see your new assignment by Thursday morning.

    Thanks for helping me clear that up,


    Ps. Your classmates were bragging about your blog today.

  5. Darn, wish I had been then there to hear that. I just might have to come next week. Thanks so much Anthony.