Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Class inspired thoughts/ Notes

to: me-- I can now post from my igoogle homepage. Did it work?

to: Dr. Strange-- I want to set up forms for two students in particular, that if they submit their "homework" they receive instant gratification by "unlocking" a video: youtube, disney, etc.

to: DR. STRANGE-- I just added the recent comment gadget, and I want to have a notification system of sorts. Will this notify me when other comment on my blog posts, or is this just a list of my own comments? If this won't work for my intention, is there a gadget that does work?

to: me-- I need to create a presentation that is 14 slides long including title and question slide. Each slide must have a picture except for the title and question slide.

about: Karl and Simeon-- For instant notification concerning there submissions to the blog, I can go to "email notifications" and type in my email address, or Laura's, et cetera to "blog-sender". I can also use an RSS feeds system. For math problems, I can go to Google forms, create the questions and answers from their homework and create a multiple choice form that is to be "embedded" into the blog by selecting "more actions --> embed" then copy/paste the code into my the blog post on their page.

to: me-- I need a phone/ phone-plan that I can blog from/ access emails.

to: me-- Learn about "evernote" and figure out what he was talking about when he mentioned "personal learning network" in regards to twitter. Is there a way to create twitter categories for my followers/ people that I am following so that I can send questions to only certain people and/or make distinct personal comments from academic ones?


  1. It did indeed! If you already use igoogle-- there's an app that essentially allows you to blog from your homepage-- that's handy!

  2. It turns out that the gadget I found does act as a notification system... I am not sure how promptly it works, but it does help!

  3. We'll cover Evernote tonight.
    TweetDeck allows you to create groups in Twitter. Try it and report on it. Coulds be "substantive presentation." Same goes for other Twitter add-ons that allow archiving of tweets, analysis of data, etc.

    You might also want to Google Google Alerts. Neat trick which you will hear about tonight.

    You can also post to a blog from email or from an iPhone.