Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vicki Davis: "Turning School Upside Down"

The most significant piece of knowledge that I gained from watching this video is that Vicki Davis teaches in a rural south Georgia school. This particularly impacted my teaching goals because she has given teachers in the south inspiration. It is amazing to me that she was able to overcome the traditional barriers that you hear about southern schools having-- financial insufficiency, low national ranking, community isolation, etc.

Vicki used her passion for technology in the classroom to get students excited about meeting people from around the world and collaborating on projects together. It is even more astounding to me that Ms. Davis somehow managed to afford her students the opportunity to travel to the middle east for a technology conference of all things-- especially during these times when prejudices run rampant and dangers are eminent! How exciting!

I want to learn more about Digi Teen and The Flat Classroom Project.

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