Tuesday, October 27, 2009


After researching ALEX, Alabama Learning Exchange, I was introduced to yet another Alabama initiative to enhance education. ACCESS Distance Learning is a new tool used to bridge the gap between high-quality public education and underfunding. ACCESS, an acronym for Alabama Connecting Classrooms, Educators, and Students Statewide, provides expanded learning opportunities for all students including those who want to take part in AP courses, students who failed a course and need remedial support, as well as those who want to take courses like Latin, Shakespeare, or Calculus which may not be offered at their home school.

Using technologies including web-cams, codec, interactive whiteboards, and much more, students are able to receive a more specialized, unique, and cutting edge education. The state is funding the implementation of ACCESS with over 70 grants for 124 public high schools.

I believe ACCESS is an awesome way to diversify the way students learning in the 21st century receive information. Students are becoming more and more adept to internet and computer technology. ACCESS not only bridges financial barriers, but also connects great opportunities to students who are more easily engaged with advanced technology than more traditional schooling.

To learn more about ACCESS you can use the link I provided above, or follow this link for a brief overview.


  1. Due to time constraints and laziness, I just posted my response from last semester-- I will strive to research these sites further once I get caught up with our other assignments.

  2. Nothing new that I know of. Use your time more productively.