Tuesday, October 27, 2009


ALEX, an acronym for Alabama Learning Exchange, is an internet based innovation created to help supplement all aspects of education. ALEX is easy to navigate so that anyone involved in a student's education including teachers, students, administrators, and parents can access unlimited information. Such information includes classroom lesson plans, statewide department objectives, web-links to accredited research resources, grant opportunities, and so much more!

ALEX is an exciting tool for teachers because it helps to link teachers from across the state together in the development of engaging lesson plans. It also serves as a potential resource for administrative observation (administrators can review lesson plans as to ensure statewide criteria are being met).

Most progressively, ALEX provides an opportunity for Distance Learning. Distance Learning removes financial barriers from education, and provides a door for students to learn subject areas beyond the capabilities of their home school. Teaming up with yet another Albama initiative called ACCESS (Alabama Connecting Classrooms, Educators and Students Statewide) Distance Learning, students can engage in Advanced Placement courses, language courses, and others that may otherwise be unavailable do to underfunding or under-staffing of schools.

I believe ALEX and ACCESS Distance Learning are two initiatives that are going to help increase parent and teacher cooperation in their students success. Simultaneously connecting students to easy to use resources for education enrichment beyond the classroom experience. I look forward to integrating these programs into my classroom by exploring lesson plan possibilities, and connecting my future students to this education portal.


  1. Due to time constraints and laziness, I just posted my response from last semester-- I will strive to research these sites further once I get caught up with our other assignments.

  2. See my comment above. Your other contributions are far more important!

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