Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Blogs: an outlet for endless creativity

I was just winding down my day by using my google reader gadget on igoogle to catch up on what my education mentors had posted throughout the past few days when I stumbled across Mr. C's video response for the blog Dear Kaia. I deducted (incorrectly) from the pictures in Mr. C's Class video response that Kaia was a girl in the desert of a war-torn/ impoverished country whom someone (perhaps her adopted father or sponsor) had created a blog to tell her story. This peaked my interest because I try to become more aware of social injustice through out the world. Nonetheless, I started digging through Kaia's blog to be pleasantly surprised by a wonderful documentary of a little girl who, at the age of three, has already experienced more than most people do in a lifetime. Her parents have done an amazing job using technology to help creatively store memories from her youth.

Jabiz, Kaia's father, is a 7,8,and 9 year teacher of students at the Compass International School in Doha, Qatar. So far as I can tell, he uses his professional blog, Intrepid Teacher, as a journal for other curious minds and educators. I am eager to further explore his site and ask him questions about what it is like to teach over seas? How he manages his time so effectively between school and family? Why he teaches in Qatar and what are some of the biggest contrasts between American and Qatar schools? I am sure more questions and answers will come after I explore his blog.

I mostly just wanted to share this find with y'all because I am so excited about the opportunities that blogging can provide for us. Before investing myself in this class, I struggled to reconcile two dreams-- in short, exploring other cultures and teaching. Blogging has helped provide a bridge between two seemingly distant goals.

Here's the video that helped lead me to Kaia's Blog which helped to further open my eyes. Thank you Mr. C and Class!


  1. It is a marvelous world. I too was attracted by this series of blog posts. That's why they became an assignment for the last part of the semester.

    An excellent post!

    What a difference a semester makes!

  2. I hope all your dreams come true Anthony. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Thanks for all you contribute.

  3. Anthony, I am sure Jabiz would be willing to answer all your questions, if he hasn't done so already. I think your two dreams are not necessarily things you can't combine. I have met many teachers that teach in American schools outside of the US. I don't see why you can't persue something along these lines with the contacts you continue to make. Then you can become the neat teacher in a foreign country that skypes into a US class.