Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Class Notes/ Thoughts

How to make a video: See youtube, Story of a Sign

Professional Blog: technology literate, intellectual trail, set the stage for what I talk about (instead of the color of your shoelaces that day, etc.),
Talk about things that define you: McClung, Stay Positive!

Professional Blog, Project 11, Podcasts, and Class Blog are high priority.

Look up Dr. Strange's response to Jabiz's comment regarding the public nature of Dear Kaia.

Ginger: Lit Trip
Google tour: 20 destinations that I must add text notes too.
Dr. Strange: How do I get the history bar that shows you the changes over time in a place on google earth?

I am having trouble organizing my google reader-- people I cannot seem to find recently added people that I know I attempted to follow... any cure?

Notes from a thread I read on Intrepid Teacher: Moodle, Blackboard, chatzy, facebook feed, Tokbox, ning, How does Mr Jabiz apply flickr to the classroom?

I want to create a posts called, Making Publi Education Public-- which addresses the concern of internet safety and student privacy.

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  1. Good list. Nice of you to share with your classmates. I hope they find it useful.