Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Time is What You Make of It, Intrepid Teacher

On our Wednesday night class meeting, we learned of screentoaster, an online tool that allows you to capture the images on your computer screen, overlay them with a webcam image and narration, and add captions afterward. Screentoaster also allows you to save your document to your computer for further editing.

I decided to practice using screentoast by briefly addressing an enlightening blog post and its wave of comments called There's No Such Thing As Virtual: It Is All Teaching by Jabiz Raisdana.

Check it out! (Click the expand button to follow along more easily.)


  1. Anthony, loved the way you used technology and despite the 12 minutes, I watched every bit of it. I have been following the blog that they posted and realize that technology is not for every teacher, because their is teachers who do not need it to get the message across. The thing is we teach to children, we teach them to be creative, to be leaders, to be innovators, to reach for the sky, but then we complain that we do not have the resources or the desire to learn ourselves. The idea of spending time on technology usage paying off as a way to improve yourself and save time in the long run is correct. When I teach, I hope to have children research and group together on projects, find an interest and teach the class about it, show them the tip of the iceberg and see what aspires from 100 kids a semester. I manage my time, you manage your time, the kids are learning.

  2. What a debate on Intrepidteacher's site (Link in post above : There's No Such Thikng As Virtual! I thought your response to Adrienne was excellent!.