Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Class notes and thoughts...

to me: Check EDM Blog for syllabus changes
--elluminate??? course in canada (five minute teaching goal) smartboard on the web
--five minute max project (3rd objective for the last half of the semester)
--explicit video project-- I haven't used any type of video making things yet-- this may be another good opp for me to experience something new
--edublogs-- that's the blog system that Jabiz uses
--vimeo, youtube alternative
--fairhope teacher does fascinating stuff with smartboard
--watch google wave
from Karadimos: NPR text books digital or virtual text books that you can subscribe to
--Free, chris anderson
--school who sold their entire library, electronic library
to me: crunchtime on youtube (from a movie making course) example for our project 11
-- free app for iphone... att, vonage verizon mifi?
--think about what implications teaching in public has...
from Dr. Strange: when we get to google earth in week ten-- go to ALICE CHRISTIE's site and read her instructions

web enhanced, signed up for all networks (picassa, igoogle, etc.)
help team- Fawcett & Capps
answering emails, commenting on blogs,
go to Financial Aid and get signed up for work-study


  1. You may be the only person I know busier than myself!

  2. Haha, don't let me fool you. These are just notes about what I could learn so that one day-- when I get time, I can look back and check out some of these things I heard about in class. It helps me pay attention better.
    Also, thanks for your comment about my Mr. McClung post.

  3. No comments from other EDM310 students. I'm surprised!

  4. I don't think these notes are particularly inspiring or controversial, so I a not too surprised, haha. I am shooting/hoping to get completely caught up tonight!

  5. Making class notes into a post, what a novel and sensible idea. Mind if I copycat? =)