Friday, October 23, 2009

My First Voicethread

I created this Voicethread so that I could learn how to use it as a classroom tool. As I made the presentation, it turned into a reflection of my class experience thus far. I realized that Dr. Strange was teaching us how to be Networked Students and how the connectivism has played a role in my learning experience.

By using VoiceThread, my eyes have been opened to all kinds of possibilities within the classroom (especially for those who teach secondary education grade levels). However, I think VoiceThread could be better if it allowed the commentor to overlay his or her typed/drawn comments on top of the audio recording. For presentation purposes, it would flow better. Overall, it is great!


  1. After I listened to my voicethread, I realized how important it is for me to add enthusiasm to my speech. Even if the tool is really useful, its still just as boring as a lecture if the commentors are monotone. I will definitely improve this aspect in my next VoiceThread.

  2. Well, what have I learned?
    1. We must use Voicethread next semester.
    2. Sometimes thing do work out better - much better - the second time around.
    3. I am honored!
    4. There is an antidote for my cynicism. I'll just reread this post.
    5. I am reminded that there is something special happening in EDM310 this semester. And you, James, the Wednesday night class, Room 10, Kaia, Mr. C, Mr. McClung and many others are making it really special for me.
    6. And I must say Thank You!
    7. And that I can't thank you enough!

  3. This is so neat Anthony! I like the idea that the voice thread acts as the narrator without losing an important visual component. Especially since children are now more than ever, holding greater interest in multiple forms of media.

  4. i still think this is so neat. you made it pretty interesting when u showed us how to do it.